Nikon F5

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Nikon F5 


I purchased the F5 more than a year ago and this is what I think. I take better pictures with the F5, let me clarify, at an air show, while whale watching and of course all the people shots I would have missed if it were not for the speed of the auto focus and the wonderful metering system. If it sounds like I use the camera as point and shoot camera sometimes I do exactly that. I think it is one of the attributes of this camera the ability to get the shot, quickly and accurately.

Battery Consumption: Battery consumption has not been a problem for me. My purchase is a late model production camera and I am aware that the earlier models did have a battery consumption issue.

Weigh: The F5 is a heavy camera but I like the weight and feel of the camera. I think because of the weight the camera balances nicely in your hands and the F5 is a dream to hold. I am able to hand held this camera at a lower shutter speed than I could with other cameras. The craftsmanship is superb and I enjoy how well the F5 is made.

Familiar Controls: I like the ability to go from one Nikon to another and most of the controls seemed familiar.

Weather Sealing: I have taken the F5 while on a sailboat in Kauai in 15 foot swells hanging on to the boat with one hand and just pointing the camera with the other (program mode) and guess what I got some good shots. I donít hesitate using this camera in adverse weather conditions and just wipe and clean it.

Some comments lead to believe that some people have walked in from the street and purchased a two thousand dollar camera. That the person never picked the camera up and realized how heavy the camera is. Not that the F5 is that heavy look at some medium format cameras. If you are looking at this camera Iím sure you already are aware of peoples comments good and bad. It would hard for me to believe that someone will purchase the F5 as a first Nikon camera. I would assume that the person who made this purchase has an assortment of Nikon products and knows what they are doing.

The F5 was introduced in 1996 and was a top of the line 35mm camera and in 2004 it still is the top of the line. I know other manufactures make great cameras but eight years later this camera is still at the top of the list.
This camera will be that last film camera that I own. It is not because Iím going digital, because Iím not at the moment. It is because this is simply the best film camera you can purchase from Nikon and it just might be the best film camera you can own.

Negatives: I wish the focus area brackets in the viewfinder illuminated in red similar to the N80 and F100 - If you are a Nikon user please visit the Nikonian site




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