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On the streets on Nantucket

Happy guy playing his tunes


Nantucket Nikon N80


On the steps of a church, walking in Paris

While walking I spotted this Gypsy Mother and Child and asked if I could take their picture, she politely said yes. 


Paris Nikon N80


On the beaches of Kauai

I was attending a canoe contest in Kauai and thought he looked interesting.  It was a nice show and more authentic than what you might see at one of the many shows that are put on for the tourist.


Kauai Nikon F5


Americana, Cape Cod

Taken at a local parade


Cape Cod Nikon N80


On the Charles Bridge, Prague


One man band and there were plenty of people selling their goods and playing music


Prague Nikon F5


Attitude in Kauai


Riding in Kauai


Kauai Nikon N80


Fun in Paradise, Kauai

These are my buddies


Kauai Nikon F5

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