People II

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People II

On the streets of London

Want a picture standing next to a guard? Go to St James' Palace, walk past the courtyard of the Palace and turn left around the corner (into Pall Mall) and there is a guard standing all on his own, you can go and stand right next to him!


London Nikon F5


Crazy Nick, London

Crazy Nick was playing his traffic cone at least he was original.


London Nikon F5


Posing in Prague

On The Charles Bridge


Prague Nikon F5


Making a Wish, Prague


Prague Nikon F5


Number One Waiter, Cozumel

If you got to Cozumel check out Casa Denis, good food and nice people.


Cozumel Nikon F5


Police in Rome


Rome Nikon N80


Biker Babe, Kauai


Kauai Nikon N80

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